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Crone Yoga

Claim the Crone. She's a badass.


Pranayama practices have many deep and subtle health benefits like a vitality, health and a balanced mind. Breath has such a direct link to relaxed, tuned-in states. Cultivating somatic curiosity about breath is one of the most thrilling aspects of an integrated yoga practice. It's an effective way of dissolving stress and building energy. We master the breath to relax, energize and reduce anxiety. All these breath skills we can practice on the mat and then take it to the streets as love, joy and engagement.



At the basic level asana poses develop long strong muscles and stability in the joints. At a deeper level each asana is a mirror allowing us to reflect on the nature of self. We learn about our boundaries, our edge, our resistance and our perseverance. We can learn as much about our subtle energy body as we can about our physical body. We learn how to regulate our reactivities, dosing the perfect amount of "stress" by dialing the challenge of the pose up or down, embracing your body exactly as it is. We build resilience by relaxing around this stress. Yoga asana is a laboratory to study the nervous system and its reactions – it promises freedom from the patterns of the mind. As Patangeli says: "Practice, practice, and all is coming"



We use meditation to get out of our own way so that we can achieve blissful states that heal us, and help heal the world. Meditation tech helps us get free of limiting physical, mental and emotional patterns. With sweet attention and a kind heart we observe ourselves, and learn to re-orient over and over, to our infinite hearts. We learn to  experience our bodies exactly as they are, without judgement, in the present moment, so we can open to our full vitality and interrelatedness. 


Joni Cooke began her yoga practice in India in 1990 at Arogya Yoga School in Rishikesh. That practice was less asana, and more pranayama, and led to a life-long interest in various forms of breath-work. She had a home practice for 20 years before doing her 200 hour yoga teacher training from Karma Yoga in 2014. She has been teaching at Green Room Yoga and doing custom-designed one-on-one sessions for chronic pain since 2015.  She brings to her yoga 30 years of dancing at EDAM with Peter Bingham, and teaching Contact Improvisation at the yearly festival she runs through her foundation Western Canada Contact Improvisation (WCCI).


Drop in on a class and find a community that cultivates freedom and strength whatever your body-shape, experience or age.

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