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Joni Cooke

Joni's journey to wholistic health started on a craggy mountain top in southern California in 1985 studying with Zen master Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi at the Mount Baldy Zen Centre. It was there, on a two year retreat of sixteen hour a day Zen Buddhist meditation practice that she began to integrate her spirituality and her training as a Shiatsu practitioner (Registered Shiatsu Massage Therapist) and dancer (BFA Dance, SFU) into the system of somatic healing she practices today.

In the decades since, Joni has acquired training in a vast and varied range of healing arts as part of her commitment to deliver transformational somatic experience for all her patients. Her work is a beautiful melange of impeccable technique, intuition, strength and connectivity.

Shiatsu • Somatic healing • Thai Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stones • Cranial Sacral Therapy (Upledger) • Yoga Therapy • Indian Head Massage • Acupressure • Reiki • Medical Chi-Gung • Moxa • Cuppi

integrated yoga & shiatsu

for the empowered feminine

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