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Joni is available for Shiatsu in her East Vancouver studio. 

Sessions are 90 minutes and include a 15 min. consultation,

60 min. hands-on healing and 15 min. integration.

Or text/call 778-228-0096

East Vancouver Shiatsu

Intuitive trauma informed somatic healing for womyn 40+


Silence is the substrate of deeper connection. The deeper we connect the more in tune we are with what our body needs. Noble silence is more than not talking, it is inner silence. A calm mind means a receptive body.


hands on

Single pointed awareness of sensation is the gateway to release. Relax, breath, repose in simple awareness and allow your session to unfold free for a time of outside concerns and considerations.



Connected, open and aware you are ready to receive Shiatsu. Energy flows and is realigned through the manipulation of pressure points along meridians. Body, mind and soul are brought into balance.


Joni Cooke has been a Shiatsu practitioner, a student of Zen Buddhism, Yogi and Dancer for over 35 years. Her spiritual, artistic and professional practices have given Joni an uncommon understanding of body-mind-soul integration which she brings to bare every time she is hands on.


Her unique combination of focus, clarity and craft delivers a depth of relaxation and invigorating energy flow.

Her Technique includes:

Shiatsu • Somatic Healing • Thai Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stones • Cranial Sacral Therapy (Upledger) • Yoga Therapy • Indian Head Massage • Acupressure • Traditional Chinese Medicine • Reiki • Medical Chi-Gung • Moxa • Cupping

Sessions are 90 minutes and include a 15 min. consultation, 60 minute hands-on healing and 15 min. integration.

Sessions cost $130. 

Needs-based discounts available.

Or text/call 778-228-0096
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