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integrated yoga & shiatsu

for empowerment


Crone yoga & shiatsu

Crone yoga is about wisdom not perfection. It’s not anti-aging it’s aging with embodied sensitivity. We have limitless capacity to become more aware of our centre, find our length and strength, cultivate strong chi, learn to get radically present, move more deeply into our bodies and our interconnection with the world. These capacities are heightened as we age. It's not that 50 is the new 40, it's that fifty is amazing. Once we shake off the distraction of estrogen we can get down to our real work.



Pranayam, Asana & Meditation:

As we breath and move our bodies we learn about our boundaries, our edges, our resistance and our perseverance. Subtle body and physical body unify and we learn how to regulate our reactivity as we land gently into the sweet heart of Yoga practice. The reason we study breath and work at our asana is simply so that we can sit upright comfortably and meditate.



Heal your pain. Feel alive and free. Sink into the wisdom of your body.

Sessions are custom designed to ease your pain and get you feeling amazing. 

Shiatsu is a traditional Chinese medicine technique using thumbs on pressure points to shift energy through your meridians. 

Your deepest concerns will be addressed, to help you relax, breath, and repose in simple awareness.

Intuitive mindful Shiatsu: 

Free yourself from trauma, stress and anxiety.

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